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Whether you are home or away, the Automatic Home Generator System provides fully automatic protection from power outages.  Advanced electronics continually monitor utility power.  When an outage occurs, it starts the generator and automatically switches from utility power to generator power.  Electrical power is restored without effort, in seconds.  When utility power is restored, the system senses it, transfer service back to the utility, shuts down the generator and resumes monitoring.  It’s all automatic.  No worries, no hassle.

Marranca Electric in partnership with Briggs & Stratton is proud to offer the EmPower Series and the new Intelligen Series High Efficiency Home Generator Systems.  Permanently installed, both product lines provide automatic and continuous operation whether you are home or away.  EmPower gives you the ability to run household essentials, while the the Intelligen Series introduces advanced computer contols that manage both essential & high wattage appliances for premium comfort and maximum effiency when power fails.

  • Super Powerful
    Generator comes in 7KW, 10KW, 12KW, 15KW, and 18KW sizes to provide power to run many items in your home, for manual disruption to everyday activities.
  • Premium 18 HP Briggs & Stratton Vanguard V-Twin Overhead Valve Engine
    Commercial quality engine specifically designed for long-life operation on natural gas (NG) or liquid propane (LP).
  • Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
    Readily available, clean and environmentally friendly fuels are perfect for providing uninterrupted power.
  • Quiet Operation
    Sound-absorbing panels and an automotive muffler keep sound to neighborhood-friendly levels.
  • Seven-Day Exerciser
    Runs generator for 20 minutes once every seven days (day & time determined by homeowner) to keep unit in top operating condition.
  • Fully Protected
    Heavy-gauge metal exterior with lockable access doors, no exposed fasteners, and corrosion-resistant powder coat painted sheet metal.
  • Built-In Diagnostic Center With Remote Status And Diagnostic Panel
    Alerts you to any possible problems with generator.
  • Service Convenience
    Fours panels easily remove for service access in all directions.
  • Installation And Service Support
    This system, once professionally installed to your home’s electrical system, is supported by an extensive service network.

3 Year/ 1,500 Hour Limited Warranty

The customer’s safety and satisfaction is
our #1 priority.